Jem Garrard

Writer & Director

About Jem

Jem Garrard is a Vancouver based writer and director. She has made music videos for Ringo Starr and Linkin Park, directed TV shows and movies, and shot documentaries around the world. She has won four Leo awards for her work and was recently chosen as a director to watch as part of Women in View's Five in Focus initiative.

Recently she directed four episodes of Disney's sci-fi action TV series Mech X4 and just released her own series, Android Employed. Jem created, wrote and directed the four part comedy sci-fi and is currently adapting it into a half hour TV show. The mini series can be viewed here:

She is currently in development on her debut feature, Project IVAN which has just received support from the Harold Greenberg Fund. Jem plans to shoot the sci-fi thriller in her home city of London, UK.


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